Michigan Fly Fishing Schools
 and Classes 2017



Manistee River / Pere Marquette River / Betsie River


 AuSable River / Boardman River / Muskegon River


Jon's Guide Service is proud of the on river schools and classes offered.


Have you been thinking about learning how to fly fish, or wanting to improve on what you do know? Let Jon Kestner of Jon's Guide Service help you to learn the sport of flyfishing. FFF certified, Orvis certified instructor, and river guide of 23 years, has built a large knowledge base of fly fishing, and how to catch fish. Let our experience help you to become a good flyfisherman. Our schools are on the river or lake and provide a classroom like no other.


  • Schools on Basic Fly Fishing (new to the sport)
  • Basic Fly Fishing II (working on skills)
  • Techniques I (casting, learning how to fish streamers or a hatch)

         1/2 or full day

  1. Stripping Streamers
  2. Drag Free Drift
  3. Introduction into Reading Water
  4. Fly Selection & Entomology           


  • Techniques II (advanced casting, presentation)

         1/2 or full day

  1. Presenting the Fly
  2. Line Control and Fly Movement
  3. Trout Theory (trends of fish, and what to look for)
  4. Emergence Cycles (cripples, floating nymphs, diving caddis, spinners, emergence) and How to Fish them.


  • Species Classes (classes on how to fish for different species)

         1/2 or full day

  1. Trout - Instruction on how to become a better Trout fisherman.
  2. Steelhead - How to fish for Steelhead (streamers, indicator, dift).
  3. Salmon - How to fly fish for Salmon (streamers, drift, surf).
  4. Bass - Smallmouth on Grand Traverse Bay, how to on fly fishing.
  5. Carp - Smallmouth on Grand Traverse Bay, how to on fly fishing.
  6. Pike - Need help on the how to fly fish?
  7. Flats & Offshore - Going on a trip and need a class?



  • Youth Classes (future of the sport & general knowledge class)

         1/2 or full day

  1. Casting - How to cast.
  2. Fishing - Let's go fishing on the river.
  3. Exploration of the Resource - What makes a stream, and whats in it?
  4. Knots - Putting it together (leader to fly).
  5. Wading - How to get around the river.
  6. Catch & Release - How to take what you need and put the rest back for the future.


  • Tying Classes & Casting Lessons



Full day

Guide trips (8 Hrs) * meal included

Price $395.00 per day/boat (1 or 2 people)


Half day

Guide trips (5 Hrs) * no meal

Price $295.00 per day/boat (1 or 2 people)


Discounts for groups of 4 or more





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