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03-17-2015 6:43:53 AM CST
Stealhead on rapid river

Jim Pugh   stlheadn@sbcglobal.net
03-28-2009 9:29:23 PM CST

Jon, Another great day early March steelhead fishing on the Big Manistee, with Michigan Greatest River Guide. Thanks again my Good Friend. Jim Pugh

Mike Scott   mscott@alaskalife.net
05-1-2008 10:43:31 am CDT

Nice Mi. Lake Smallmouth

Dave Koschara   davekoschara@yahoo.com
04-21-2008 03:45:14 pm CDT

Jon, getting ready to come back soon. However a little fish I found down here is giving me 2nd thoughts. See you soon! BTW, great web site and getting better.

Gregg Libby   gregglibby@adelphia.net
01-11-2007 11:40:28 am CST

Fishing the Hex Hatch in June

Jim Pugh   Stlheadn@hotmail.com
04-17-2006 12:15:35 pm CDT

Jonny, Thanks for the great turkey guide trip. Biggest bird ever! Catch you on the stream! Jim Pugh..... Turkey Master!

Ron Fara   RonaldJFara@attbi.com
03-10-2006 09:55:27 am CST

Jon, Here is a picture of one of the many Steelhead we hooked and landed on our last trip with you. Looking forward to our next trip! Tight Lines! Ron Fara

Jon Kestner   kestnerjon@hotmail.com
03-7-2006 11:58:19 am CST

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