Great Lakes Hatch Matching Fly Patterns


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Michigan Standard Trout Flies

Patterns for Fishing The Upper Manistee River



Blue Wing Olive



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry: Blue Wing Olive

Hook: Standard Dry fly size 14-24

Thread: Olive 8/0

Body: Olive or olive brown dubbing

Tail: Dark blue dun hackle barbs

Hackle: Medium-dark blue dun

Wing: Medium-dark blue dun hen hackle tips





Hook: Standard Dry fly size 14-22

Thread: Gray 8/0

Body: Gray dubbing, gray muskrat under fur is a good choice

Tail: Brown hackle barbs

Hackle: Mixed grizzly and brown

Wing: Grizzly hackle tips, hen or cock

Brown Drake Parachute



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry: Brown Drake Parachute

Hook: 2 XL Dry Fly Hook Sizes 8-12

Thread: Rusty Brown 6/0

Body: Med Brownish Olive

Tail: 4 Split Dark Micro Fibbetts

Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Olive

Wing: Post with Brown Z-lon





Hook: Standard Dry fly size 12-18

Thread: Tan or cream 8/0

Body: Cream dubbing

Tail: Ginger hackle barbs

Hackle: Light ginger or ginger hackle

Wing: Wood duck

Dark Hendrickson



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry: Dark Hendrickson

Hook: Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 14

Thread: Wine or Deep Maroon

Body: Dark Pink Beaver Dubbing

Tail: Medium to Dark Dun Hackle Fibers

Hackle: Medium to Dark Dun

Wing: Wood duck Mallard Flank

Gray Fox




Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 10-14

Thread: Tan 8/0

Body: Tan or pale yellow dubbing, natural has pale yellow underbelly

Tail: Ginger or brown hackle barbs

Hackle: Grizzly and ginger or brown

Wing: Wood duck

Rib: Brown 6/0 thread, optional

Back: Back of fly can be colored with brown magic marker

Isonychia CDC Emerger



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry Emerger: Isonychia CDC Emerger

Hook: Wide Gape Scud Hook Sizes 8-12

Thread: Wine

Body: Mahogany Red Beaver Dubbing

Tail: Black Spade Hackle Barbs

Wing: Dark Dun CDC


Sulphur Parachute



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry_Emerger: Sulphur Parachute

Hook: Standard Dry Fly Size 14-20

Thread: Lt. Cahiil for Size 14 or Yellow for Size 16-20

Body: Sz 14 Uses Orangish Yellow Beaver and Sz 16-20 Use Yellow Beaver

Tail: Ginger Hackle Barbs

Hackle: Ginger

Wing: Post with White Calf Tai

Pale Morning Dun Parachute



FLY TYING PATTERNS: Dry: Pale Morning Dun Parachute

Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 14-20

Thread: Pale olive

Body: Pale yellow olive

Tail: Light dun hackle fiber

Hackle: Light dun